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About Us

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The Back Story
Aegir Brewing Systems was founded in 2012 with the support of Meura to bring mash-filter brewing to smaller craft brewers in North America. Mash filtration is not new. Meura invented it over 100 years ago and today over 25% of the world’s beer production is made with a Meura mash filter.  But, it is not widely used in North America - a great competitive advantage for early adopters here.

At Aegir, all our brewhouses are designed around the Meura2001® mash filter. As a result, we have become very knowledgeable about mash-filter brewing at the craft scale and get more from this remarkable technology than anybody else. If you’re interested in a mash filter brewhouse, we really ARE the people you should be talking to.


Our focus is on 15 BBL - 100 HL systems and even our smallest system can easily produce enough wort for 20,000 barrels of beer/annum, operating just 10 shifts per week. 

An Aegir brewhouse is a fully automated, turnkey system designed with the brewer in mind and engineered to be a model of efficiency, productivity and flexibility. And generally, simply bad ass.

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An Unmatched Level of Customer Support

Working closely with our customers, it is our aim to provide an un-matched level of customer support before the sale, during the project and long after. Including:

  • Detailed discussions with you to understand how you plan to operate your brewery so that we can optimize the brewhouse design to meet your needs.

  • If requested, a thorough, on-site review in your facility to finalize your system requirements

  • Engineering support and involvement with your architect, general contractor, et al.

  • If requested, a review of your current recipes for conversion to mash filter production and/or scale-up

  • Aegir brewhouses are assembled and tested in Wisconsin prior to shipment to help assure a  trouble-free start-up in your brewery

  • Supervision of the installation, commissioning and personnel training 

  • Ongoing technical support for the rest of your life, haha, or so it seems. Actually, we enjoy doing it and keeping in touch


Please check out a few of our customers. They are making some of the most interesting and best-crafted beers on the planet and include many GABF and World Beer Cup medal winners.


At Aegir, we love beer and all that it represents. We are also acutely aware of our place in the natural world and the responsibility that comes with it. So we design our systems to be as efficient and easy on the environment as possible. Compared to a lauter tun system, an Aegir mash filter brewhouse will have lower raw material costs, lower energy costs, lower water consumption and produce less waste. Why wouldn’t ya?

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