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Meura2001 Mash Filter

Meura2001 Mash Filter


A Meura2001 mash filter lies at the heart of every Aegir system replacing the lauter tun. The Meura mash filter was designed specifically for filtering the wort from the spent grains following conversion.

Operationally, a Meura mash filter is very different from a lauter tun. Highlighting some of the differences:

  • Use of finely milled grist allowing thin-bed filtration

  • 5-10 times as much filter area

  • Filtration and sparging take place using low pressure, generally less than 700mb (10 psi)

  • Much more efficient sparging. Typically operating at a water to grist ratio of less than 2.2:1 (weight to weight) means short sparging cycles

  • Compression of the filter cake under low pressure, generally less than 500mb (7 psi)

  • Simple spent grain removal

3b IMG_4761.JPG

As a result the following benefits accrue:

  • Actual extract yields compared to laboratory results are typically above 98% and even 100% is not uncommon

  • Production of higher-gravity worts, e.g.,  over 24° Plato in the first wort and over 16° Plato after sparging if desired

  • Brighter wort, typical solids content below 5ml/l (Imhoff)

  • Higher productivity, on an automated Aegir system typically 2-3 brews in 8 hours, 4-5 brews in 12 hours, 5-6 brews in 16 hours, 8-10 brews in 24 hours

  • Drier spent grains, typically 28 - 30% solids content that are only damp to the touch. Simple, no-mess clean-up

  • Greater flexibility in recipe design since the range of materials that can be used to form the grain bill is so much broader

  • Raw material, labor and energy savings

Meura2001 Mash Filter Sizes

For the craft brewer, Meura has two frame sizes – the Micro and the (Craft) Junior. Overall dimensions of the Micro and Craft Junior. 

6a IMG_3713.JPG

Meura2001 Micro

The Micro frame holds plates that have a capacity of 11 kg (~24 lbs.) per chamber and the maximum number of chambers for this frame is 45 for a total capacity of 495 kg (~1100 lbs.).

Meura2001 Mash Filter vs Filter Press

Don’t be fooled into thinking a traditional filter press works the same as a Meura2001 mash filter. It doesn’t!

Although they both have plates, a frame and can separate wort from spent grains, the similarity ends there. Give us a call if you want to learn more.

7a DSC07952.JPG.jpg

Meura2001 Craft Junior
The Junior frame holds plates that have a capacity of 35 kg (~77 lbs.) per chamber. The Craft Junior has manual plate shifting and the maximum number of chambers is set at 60 chambers for a total capacity of 2100 kg (~4600 lbs.) of malt. Typically, this is suitable for brewhouses up to 80 BBL batch size.

For brewers that want to use more than 2100 kg of malt, or for those brewers that want more automation, the Junior frame can be equipped with automated plate shifting.

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